NBS comes from . But it’s more than just a fun name, it’s a philosophy of life for us: to just focus our energy just on what’s important and not on what’s superfluous. And, for us, what’s really important is simple: building strong brands that create deep relationships with people. It’s these deep relationships that bring value, reputation and financial returns to brands. Nbs is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, the first global communications network prepared for the digital era. It's the 5th largest communications group in the world with offices spread over 110 countries on five continents.

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At the beginning of 2012, nbs has created the first business focused on social impact of an advertising company: the nbs rio+rio. With a work recognized and admired by residents of several communities in the city of Rio and initiatives such as the Favelagrafia Project, which won a worldwide projection and changed the lives of young photographers from nine favelas, nbs rio+rio was responsible for developing a new way of thinking and implementing projects.

After six years of field work and insertion in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, nbs decided to expand its territory of action and launched nbs SoMa - Social Marketing. The nbs SoMa will follow the same model of the rio+rio, but now with a national scope.

In nbs SoMa, all projects will follow the same orientation: they must produce some transformation in the reality of the residents and, at the same time, they must generate financial and/or reputation return for the brands involved. Nbs SoMa projects can be made by direct or incentive funding.


Maintaining an attentive look at the way in which change can affect the behavior of those around us, the Riologia project is an open market study that raises provocative questions relating to various resident profiles in the city of Rio de Janeiro. All together eight profiles have been studied since 2012, using innovative research techniques in collaboration with the Casa 7 Institute.

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