Terms of Use

Terms of Use

NBS invites you to visit its Portal and inform yourself about the Terms and Conditions listed there that govern it. We consider that by using the Portal you are demonstrating your agreement with its Terms and Conditions.

The content of this Portal offers users informative menu options related to NBS.


  • Terms and Conditions of Use: rules relating to the use of the Portal;

  • User: person or company, officially registered or not, that uses the Portal and the links available there;

  • Portal: designates the web address http://www.nobullshit.com.br/

  • User registration: personal data provided by the user, the accuracy of which is the user’s responsibility.


NBS will make all efforts to make sure that the information and material within the Portal remains accurate, current and as complete as possible. However, we are not responsible for the usage, application or processing of that information and material. The user is solely responsible for the purposes for which the information collected from the Portal is used.

NBS seeks to ensure that the information supplied is accurate, complete, and current, and that its use doesn’t suffer from interruptions or errors. The content, including all the information available on the Portal or accessible through it, is furnished “As Is.” The usage of this material as well as any interpretation of it, or the placing of it in any other context, is the sole responsibility of the user.

The information contained within this Portal may be updated or modified periodically.

As a consequence, it shouldn’t be interpreted as definitive.

Privacy of Our Visitors

NBS is not responsible for controlling access to the Portal or the usage made of it, and this also applies to the links within the Portal. In particular, NBS does not guarantee that users will utilize the Portal in conformity with the law, or in accordance with the current Terms and Conditions, in a moral fashion, or in accordance with best practices, general principles of law or public order, or that it will be used in a careful and prudent fashion.

NBS is not responsible for damage and injury of any nature which can arise from the use of the Portal and its services as described above.

Regarding the User

The user will be responsible for any damage or injury of any nature that NBS may suffer that may arise due to the user’s failure to fulfill any of the obligations stipulated under these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Use of the Portal and its Links

Under no hypothesis will NBS be responsible for the use of its Portal or for the accessing of any links within it, as well as the actions of the user based on information obtained in the Portal or its links. NBS is responsible for neither the content nor the privacy policies/practices of the websites that point to our website.

The Portal and The Websites That It Points To

The content of the Portal is furnished with the sole purpose of providing the user with information.

Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibility – Availability, Continuity, Utility and Fallibility

NBS does not guarantee the availability and continuity of functionality of the Portal and its Services. Not all Services and Content in general will be available for all geographic areas. When it is reasonably possible, NBS will give advance notice of interruptions in the functioning of the Portal and its Services. NBS does not guarantee the utility of the Portal and its Services for any particular activity, nor its infallibility, and in particular, it does not guarantee that users can effectively use the Portal or its Services, or access the distinct webpages that make up the Portal or those from which its services are provided.

NBS excludes itself from any liability for losses and damages of any nature that may arise due to the lack of availability or functionality of the Portal and its services; or of any fraud perpetrated by users believing that they were using the Portal and its services, or, in particular, any lack of access to individual webpages of the Portal or those from which its services are provided.

Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibility – Contamination by Viruses and Similar Occurrences

NBS does not control and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements of content that can produce alterations in your computer system (software and hardware) or in electronic documents and files stored in your computer system.

NBS excludes itself from any liability for losses and damages of any nature which may be attributed to the presence of a virus or other elements in its content that may produce alterations in your computer system, electronic documents or user registration data.

Authors’ Rights and Intellectual Property

This Portal contains texts, photographs, images and sounds which are protected by authors’ rights and other intellectual property rights. These rights belong to NBS or were granted under license by their owners, in such a form that NBS can use this material as part of its Portal.

In accessing the NBS webpage, the user declares that he or she will respect all the intellectual and industrial property rights due to registered copyrights, as well as the rights of third parties which are or were in any form available on the Portal. Access to the Portal does not give the user any right to use the names, titles, words, phrases, brands, patents, and literary, artistic, literary-musical, or audiovisual works, which are there or are available there.

All the commercial brands included in this Portal are the property of NBS or were granted under license or authorization from their owners for utilization in this Portal.

The reproduction of the content described above is prohibited, except by written authorization by NBS in advance, or in the case of exclusively personal use, but under no circumstances will the user acquire any rights in relation to this content.

Only temporary files may be saved from this Portal, and their use for commercial or advertising purposes, or any other purpose which is contrary to the one for which they were created as defined in these Terms, is prohibited. Equally prohibited is the reproduction, distribution, or publication, total or partial, of the texts, figures, videos, and graphics that make up the present Portal without the express written consent of NBS in advance, with only copies being permitted for personal use and storage, so long as the parts of this content are not separated, and thus the true understanding of their content and objective is preserved.

The user assumes all and any responsibilities, of a civil and/or a criminal nature, for the improper use of information, texts, graphics, videos, music, works, or in other words all and any intellectual or industrial property rights of material from this Portal.

Modifications of these Terms and Conditions

NBS reserves the right to modify at any time, in a unilateral manner, the present Terms and Conditions of Use. When you navigate through this Portal, you accept the Terms and Conditions that are valid for that date, and therefore you should verify them every time you visit the Portal.

Doubts or Questions

If you have any doubts or questions in relation to the present document, please contact us by email at imprensa@nobullshit.com.br

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

The present Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Brazil. Users of the NBS Portal agree to settle any disputes in the Central Forum of the Comarca of the Capital of the State of São Paulo to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction, no matter how privileged.